"My 8-year-old son has been taking guitar lessons from Drew for about 3 months now and has progressed tremendously in such a short amount of time. Drew is a talented and enthusiastic teacher that is able to adapt his teaching strategies to students of all ages. As a parent, I appreciate Drew’s patience and the professionalism with which he runs his business, as well as his knowledge of music. If you are looking for an experienced musician who is also a great teacher for kids and adults, I highly recommend Drew!"

Shelby Thrash

Great Teacher

Improve your playing

"If you want to get real good, go study with Drew. He knows what he’s doing."

Jarred Jackson


"I worked with Drew for about a year. He is an excellent player and teacher. Very knowledgeable in ALL styles, he can take you where you need to go on your musical journey!"

Blayze Windham


"I taught Drew music when he was in high school. I have not seen a more motivated young musician in my career. He is an immense talent and your student will be glad they worked with him."

Mickey Mangum


 "I've taken guitar class from Mr. Drew for a year and a half.  I like how he breaks down the chords for a song and shows you how to play it.  Mr. Drew is very patient, kind, and funny. He is a great guitar teacher."

Emma Cotten


"Drew's skill level is so high it supersedes the physical limitations of the human body."

Ben Thompsom

Grow at any skill level

"The Guitar Academy proves that there is a lesson and opportunity for growth at any skill level.  If you are learning to play your first song or relearning proper techniques as an intermediate player, The Guitar Academy has a lesson plan for you."

Adam Terry